Monday, May 9, 2011

So... How Do I Look?

This life is so, so surprising.  As of late, I have felt like someone or something of higher importance than myself has felt the need to randomly push me from my layout-pool-chair-of-teenagedom into the deep-end-of-adulthood.  And guess what? The water's foine.  I have successfully managed 19 credits of college education, professionally maintained an internship, taken part in various dramatic pieces of art on campus, and had one hoot of a time socially, all in this past spring semester!

It is currently finals week and I can already smell the sunscreen and bb q charcoal just beckoning me towards a summertime of dipping in a (non metaphorical) pool.

Well today I received the pleasant news of further summer plans.  I will be interning with a new company doing some blogging and social networking! YES. Oh the learning possibilities.  Because of this news, because I was reminded of how fortunate I am that I will [hopefully] someday get to write as a means of occupation, I am here at my laptop blogging as a means of celebration.

And today I will celebrate with something I have been wanting to write about since my existence as a "blogger." Ready ladies (and Jacob)...Fashion!

Now, before you go and get your hopes up, no, I am not going to regurgitate "fashion tips" from Vogue or Seventeen. I will not tell you "what's hot now" or tell you what your "color" is.

I think the Best thing about fashion is that it is an utter reflection of the person wearing the clothes.  Again with the human canvas theory- a body is a canvas.  What a person puts on said canvas should be a statement about the truth of the person.

For this reason, no one should ever feel the need to ask a friend, "Does this look good/hot/trampy/horrendous/dear-god-take-it-off-bad on me?"

If you feel a piece of clothing is beautiful, just a work of art by itself, then WEAR IT! Put things on your body that make YOU feel pretty and YOU feel sexy and YOU feel radiant! 

Art is composed to be judged- that's just part of the process. As Markus has stated, every person has a right to an opinion about art- be it good or bad.  If everyone liked the dress you wore to Formal then it's not art.

Fashion is a personal opinion.  Rock what says the most about who you are as a person, not a brand an advertisement says looks fabulous on you.

Fashionably, Originally,

Kelsey Jean


  1. That was beautifully written : )
    I love the way you view fashion & will be following your blog!!

    P.S. Congrats on finishing 19 credit hours!!