Friday, December 17, 2010

R.I.P. ...Tadpoles?

This past summer my dear companion,  John-Carlo, and I went to our local park to catch tadpoles.  Our master plan was to catch the little darlings, transport them to the make-shift Costco fountain in my backyard, and raise them as our own.  Every few days we would go back to the park to get more. We were addicted.  What a wonderful plan! We were in charge of these little babies, and we treated them appropriately.  So much love went into our poles. We transported them ever-so lovingly from scummy pond, to McDonalds beverage cup, to the fountain.  I researched online how to care for my poles--what to feed them, what kind of environment they should live in. I fed them a CVS brand of fish food...they just ATE THAT UP.  I even gave them the occasional treat of lettuce, a supposed tadpole favorite, however, they didn't take to that very thrillingly.

I fed them religiously, every single day.  I checked them day and night, just to make sure their well being was was well...well.  The various websites I read concerning tadpole care said they would be full fledge frogs in about six weeks.

Week four came about.  No legs, just bigger bodies.  I thought, "Oh my little darlings, you're all late bloomers, but do not fret.  Your mother does not discriminate, I will care for you!"  And care I did.

Week five came.  Still no legs, but sadly my time had come to return to school, two hours away from my now somewhat plumper poles.  I put the reins in the hands of my father.  He too, fed them carefully and diligently.  Until the day came when our now green Costco fountain became just a bit too green for Paw's liking.

He later told me it was just a bit of chlorine he put in--which even in small amounts may be lethal to poles according to the websites.

My poles--our poles, were dead. I was heartbroken. Though, my paw is a smart fellow.  At the time of death it was about week eight into the lives of the poles.  Still no legs, in fact, no frog-like features at all.  Paw concluded that my dear poles were indeed not poles at all, but impostors!...MINNOWS!  A small, dumb fish that is also commonly found in the ponds of the park.

Stupid Minnows.

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