Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Beginning

   I have had many a mentor insist I start a blog for quite some time now.  I'm occupationally passionate about two things in this life; drama and journalism, so a person can see why blogging may assist me on my road to vocational success.  Though there's always been something nagging in my ear, tugging at my sleeve, whining all about the premise of blogging.

   My former opinion of "blogging" was that it seemed all too pretentious for my taste.  Just the premise of writing one's ideas and opinions down for others to read seemed simply preposterous.  Who would actually read what I have to say (a small, almost 19-year-old female) other than close friends and/or family?  Though, I suppose that's the conditioned society we live in talking.

   But then I got to thinking on it, and is that not how books begin?  And newspapers?  And magazines?  And (preferably) informative television?  All concepts, forms of entertainment, begin with a person jotting down his ideas.  And I think that's swell-- that the human population has such a thirst for knowledge that we read books and engage in other mediums of knowledge so that we may hear about others' ideas and opinions, and hopefully learn a thing or two from it, or at least walk away with a better understanding of humans themselves just by reading one's words.

So here I am, diving into the swimming pool of blogging.  I may have floaties, but at least I'm in the water now.

For Now,
Kelsey Jean

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